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23 03, 2017

iSafeSend Offers Safer Way to Share Sensitive Information Online

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Thanks to DMS iTech’s iSafeSend service, sharing sensitive information with others has become simple and much more secure. Through iSafeSend, you can create a link to your sensitive data and share that link with someone – instead of sharing usernames and passwords in an email that can be compromised by others who were never supposed to see that information.

22 03, 2017

iSafeSend from DMS iTech

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Canadian IT management company combats risks associated with apportioning confidential data via channels such as email.

7 03, 2017

DMS iTech to Help Businesses in Wake of Microsoft’s End-of-Product-Support

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Recently, Microsoft reminded everyone that it will cease supporting certain software in relation to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. While the company stressed the program itself won’t stop working, its representatives have made it clear that users will experience “technologies challenges” that result from staying with unsupported software. Here’s a brief overview of the situation and a path to go forward.