DMS iTech Continues to Monitor Intel CPU Shortage Situation

If you are a regular reader of our blogs or a DMS iTech customer, you already know that it’s all about keeping our readers and clients up to date and informed with regard to changes in the industries we service. As a premium solutions provider, DMS iTech makes it our business to always keep customers, industry insiders that wouldn’t otherwise have access to certain information and other IT personnel abreast of evolving standards, alterations to hardware and related protocols.

As such, it has come to our attention that Intel has been experiencing some production issues for a few months now, the company deciding to focus on high-margin, high-end CPUs, which has unfortunately lead to a supply shortage on the low-to-mid-range of products. This has ultimately resulted in much longer shipping times for that class of systems (i.e. PCs and laptops) – sometimes as long as more than six to eight weeks, compared to what used to be one to three weeks.

Learn more about the CPU shortages.

Why is this important, and why are we mentioning it in a blog? For one thing, we want to make it absolutely clear that we wish to remain our customers’ go-to choice for products built with standards, manageability elements and expansion capabilities – so you can rest assured knowing there’s no need to look anywhere else for items that may be related to this announcement. Furthermore, we wish to inform you that this ongoing issue with Intel is something we will continue to monitor, and DMS iTech reps will in turn advise you regarding adding lead time to any orders that may be affected by this news.

According to what we have learned, Intel should be volume-producing 14nm parts come this July or August, which will, according to its representatives, “completely resolve the shortage problem.”

As an issue affecting the entire industry, DMS iTech is dedicated to keeping on top of this for our valued customer base.