Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Off-Site Data Backup

Here’s a quick story we’d like to share with you: Recently, one of our clients experienced a fire, and while no one was hurt, what was most disheartening about the unfortunate incident was that this client did not have off-site backup for its valuable data. Luckily, the company only lost one workstation that contained select data, but the point here is that the situation could have been much worse.

We’re bringing this up because it has everything to do with the topics this blog is going to touch on – the importance of data backup (specifically off-site data backup), the way cloud backup solutions have matured (and why they’re a great option for businesses) and DMS iTech’s own cloud backup services.

Let’s begin by stating that if a company possesses the knowhow to carry insurance, that exact same mentality should be applied to off-site data backup. Think about it logically: Why would a company not want to mitigate the risk considering the damage loss of data can have on the business?

Just think about the aforementioned example we provided about our client’s fire…

The Ins and Outs of Off-Site Data Backup

Off-site backup can be defined as the use of cloud-based storage systems for data recovery in case of a power failure, tornado, earthquake, flood or other disaster – including, as we have been saying, fires. Off-site backup protects companies from human error, as well; storing data off-site usually involves the act of accessing information using an internet connection while typically demanding secure authentication before access is granted. In turn, this reduces the need for large external hard drives.

Okay, so physical disasters, such as the one experienced by our client, and human error are the primary reasons for considering off-site backups. Imagine needing an extra copy of your data in the event your office floods and external hard drives get soaked with water…or if a fire fries your server equipment, or perhaps your computer hard drives fails during a power outage.

As frightening as these scenarios are, they’re not the only reasons why you should look into off-site backup solutions.

Backups are also ideal for:

  • Retrieving lost data after a security breach
  • Providing peace of mind with an extra copy of data
  • Using up less on-site space
  • Taking advantage of unlimited storage room
  • Preventing the neglect of backing up data

The Maturity of Cloud Backup Solutions

Into this foray have come the so-called cloud solutions for backup, with the oldest cloud storage services having matured into a variety of data protection offerings that can meet the needs of most enterprises. The biggest change has been in the backup software itself, encompassing technologies such as continuous data protection (CDP) and source data duplication; these reduce the amount of data that must be sent from the backup client to the backup server – by one or two orders of magnitude – to enable the backup process.

The next big change has been in the area of “consumerization” of IT, as technology advances in the consumer space are once again driving technology in the enterprise arena. Consider this: Consumer products have undoubtedly helped make broadband internet access somewhat ubiquitous; many people boast better bandwidth at home than they do at their office. Today, widely-available broadband communications render cloud backup far more accessible compared to when previous iterations of cloud backup services were available.

Another consumerization-induced shift has come in the form of the way cloud backup providers have aggressively marketed their services to consumers, thus tempting them with pricing that is almost impossible to ignore. Here’s a frightening fact: Many consumers spend less for a year of secure, off-site backups than they do for a single month of a basic cable TV package.

Why Cloud Backup Solutions are Great for Businesses

While there are a myriad of reasons to adopt cloud backup into your business’ overall data management plan, the following represent the core benefits that you may be overlooking if you’ve been operating your company without this vital component.

Reduced Costs and Improved Scalability – Cloud backup simplifies and improves upon physical device storage in many ways, but most notably – at least to business owners keeping on top of cost-efficiency – it is less expensive to maintain and affords greater options with regard to scalability.

Elimination of Data Loss – for Good – As we already touched on, data loss comes in many forms, including from the likes of natural disasters such as fires, and many physical storage devices are simply not up to the task of withstanding these data loss risks; what’s worse, they don’t afford businesses the ability to recover data when it’s been jeopardized.

Retrieval of Data on Your Terms – Rather than having to take an affected device to a data recovery specialist, thus taking up valuable time with no promise of actual retrieval, companies with cloud backup can simply locate their backed-up data through a secure online portal and easily restore one, multiple or all of their files in just a few clicks to the original, repaired or new device.

Playing it Safe with Data Backup Services From DMS iTech

By now, you should have garnered that waiting until it’s too late is not the attitude to take – at least as it relates to your data backup. DMS iTech offers reliable and affordable backup services to ensure your data is available, and that it doesn’t fare the way our aforementioned client’s did in that unfortunate fire. Sleep well knowing that your important data is backed up in the event your company is recovering from an unforeseen disaster.

DMS iTech makes data backup easy and affordable with a myriad of packages and services, offering purpose-built, fully redundant and ultra-secure data centers for reliable backups.

Hosted off-site backups, end-to-end encryption, complete visibility and control and modern backup architecture: It’s all part of the DMS iTech data protection plan designed to keep all your information safe and secure.

Discover all there is to know about off-site data backup with DMS iTech.