HaaS: The Scalability Factor

From reduced capital expenditure to remaining on the cutting edge with smoother hardware performance, we’ve covered a couple of benefits when it comes to Hardware as a Service (HaaS). As a solution that’s becoming increasingly popular among small-to-medium-sized businesses, HaaS refers to hardware provided as a managed service, with the MSP (managed service provider) responsible for configuring and maintaining it.

What it comes down to is this: If you are a representative of a company that lacks the requisite IT knowledge, personnel and/or time required to oversee hardware matters, Hardware as a Service is something you should consider.

Here, we’re going to focus on yet another benefit of this approach, the scalability factor, as HaaS conveniently boasts built-in scalability to help you deal with growth and change when it comes to your technology needs.

Important to note is that HaaS can integrate any number of new components – from one to multitudes – all depending on your enterprise demands, and during consultation with your MSP (one such as DMS iTech), you can both decide what equipment is right for you. Even if the opposite occurs and your business contracts for some reason, you can scale down with a HaaS solution devoid of being stuck owning unneeded gear.

And therein lies the scalability benefit of using Hardware as a Service: It enables small- and medium-sized businesses to scale a service package up or down, depending on the changing needs of that company. In stark contrast to the issues you’re likely to encounter when purchasing equipment outright, components can be added or subtracted as necessary.

Why Scalability Matters

What are your plans as a SMB owner? If you’re anything like most of your contemporary peers, there’s a straightforward answer: You’re looking to grow your business, employ more talented members of your field and provide the best possible service to your customers. But growth brings with it a myriad of risks, believe it or not, and healthy growth requires investment, planning and moderation; to minimize such growing pains, you’ll need to consider aspects of your business that you may not be thinking about right now.

Traditionally, managers would invest heavily in software, hardware and IT infrastructure to keep up with their business’ growing demands, and, to be honest, this will always be the case in one way or another; there’s just no way around buying a new computer when a new employee comes onboard, for example. Still, for most of your upsizing needs, you can eradicate most concerns by considering Hardware as a Service, because most aspects of your network can be scaled up or down to fit your conditions at a moment’s notice.

DMS iTech’s Role

The scalability we’re talking about in this post is a feature of nearly every managed IT service, and as such service providers ourselves, we recommend that you stop viewing IT services as a waste of money and begin embracing the future of business technology as a service. It may actually surprise you just how quickly you can turn your old growing pains into fresh new competitive advantages.

Feel free to reach out to the DMS iTech team to discuss what we can do for your business via Hardware as a Service – from servers and switches to routers, access points and thin clients.