How Web Security Improves Productivity and Compliance

Web Security Is Not Just Security

Many people think of “security” in terms of its dictionary definition: “measures taken to guard against espionage or sabotage, crime, attack, or escape.” But in the case of information security, the same technologies that protect against bad guys can also create positive outcomes like increased productivity, reduced costs and improved regulatory compliance.

In this white paper, we will look at how secure web gateways, one type of information security technology, can provide benefits to many departments within any business or government agency.

After providing a brief overview of secure web gateways, we will look at how they can help:

  • IT staff improve security.
  • Business units increase productivity.
  • Human resources and legal departments apply labor laws and avoid lawsuits.
  • Compliance officers and auditors demonstrate compliance with government and industry regulations.
  • CIOs and IT managers reduce costs.
  • Employees follow Internet acceptable-use policies and accept them as fair and reasonable.

We will close by introducing Webroot® Web Security Service and discussing why it is the most effective cloud-based secure web gateway available.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Web Security Is Not Just Security
  2. What Are Secure Web Gateways?
  3. Helping the IT Security Staff
  4. Improving Productivity for Business Unit Management
  5. Managing the Workplace for the Human Resources and Legal Departments
  6. Verifying Compliance for Compliance Officers and Auditors
  7. Reducing Costs for CIOs and IT Managers
  8. Educating Employees on Acceptable Use of the Internet
  9. Why the Webroot Web Security Service Is the Most Effective Cloud-based Secure Web Gateway
  10. Conclusion

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