Hardware Subscriptions Is the Latest Trend but Is It Right for Your Business?

Computer hardware is part of any business. Whether it’s workstations for staff or servers to manage data, it’s tough to get by without it. More and more businesses are moving to a hardware subscription model for the many benefits it offers. If you own, run, or manage a business then this webcasr is for you. We’ll explain the pros and cons and help you decide if hardware subscriptions are right for you.

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Let’s Talk Cloud Backup and What it Means for You

Data backup solutions have come a long way in the past ten years. No more are the days of tape backups or transporting backups off-site. Watch this webcast as we discuss cloud backups and what it means for todays’ businesses. In addition to understanding ways to back up business data, we'll talk about the caveats of restoring data, specifically restoration technologies used to minimize downtime. If you own, run, or manage a business and your digital assets are important to you, this webcast is for you. We don't speak geek, rather, we'll help you understand the ins and outs of data backup.

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Prevent Employee Email Habits from Taking down Your Network

No matter the business’ size, its users are heavily targeted by attackers, who know that a single successful phishing email could mean access to everything on your corporate network and more. In today’s threat landscape, end users need regular and consistent cyber-awareness training to empower them to become a business’ first line of defense, not its weakest link. Watch this webcast as Marc Driessen discusses what puts a business at risk when it comes to email and steps one can take to reduce the risk.

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