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Growing your staff is an investment. Equipping them with computer hardware is an expense. At DMS iTech, we can help minimize that expense while maximizing the power and efficiency of your computing assets. We make it easy with our endpoint subscription options.

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Reduce Your Capital Expense

When you get a laptop or workstation subscription from DMS iTech you free up cash normally tied to the capital expense. Cash is now available for further investment, or, maybe you’re a little tight on cash which makes getting hardware easy with DMS iTech’s low monthly subscription model.

No Need to Worry About Obsolescence

Depending on who you ask, technology will double computing power every 18 months. Buying workstations and replacing them every few years can be replaced with a subscription from DMS iTech. We help eliminate the angst often associated with IT purchases while enjoying up-to-date technology.

Easily Scale Up or Down

With a workstation subscription from DMS iTech, you can easily and quickly scale up and down as your business needs change. Onboarding new employees with computer hardware is simple and you won’t have cash tied up in computer assets that you’re not using.

Hardware Failures Are Not Your Problem

With a hardware subscription, any hardware issues are handled by the DMS iTech team. Our subscriptions include options to have spare hardware on-site to minimize downtime in the event of a failure.

If you’re looking for the latest in hardware for your staff, you’ll want to check out our thin client subscriptions.

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