Get your Employee Computing Hardware Without any Capital Expenditure with our Laptop & Workstation Subscriptions

Growing your staff is an investment. Equipping them with computer hardware is an expense. At DMS iTech, we can help minimize this expense while maximizing the power and efficiency of your computing assets by offering the best laptop & workstation subscription services. We make everything convenient and comfortable for you.

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Reduced Capital Expenses with Our Best-in-class Subscription Plans

When you avail DMS iTech’s laptop & workstation subscription services, you not only reduce your capital expenses but also enjoy peace of mind. You can easily use your saved-up cash to invest in other valuable business assets and reap benefits all along.

Obsolescence is Never a Problem with DMS iTech

Buying laptops and workstations, and replacing them every now and then can be a daunting task. But, with DMS iTech’s laptop & workstation subscription services, you need not worry about repairs and replacements. We help eliminate the angst often associated with IT purchases while enjoying up-to-date technology.

Easily Scale Up or Down with our Flexible Subscription Plans

With our exclusive subscription services, you can quickly and easily scale up and down as and when the needs of your business changes. On-boarding new employees with our computer hardware is also quite simple. All you need to do is inform about your requirements, and we take care of the rest.

Our Subscriptions Cover all Hardware Failures

Our laptop & workstation subscription services ensure that any and every hardware issue is handled right away. We’re very particular about maintaining the health of our systems and ensuring that hardware failures do not cause any disruption in your day-to-day work. Our subscription plan provides you with the option to maintain spare hardware on-site to minimize downtime and increase efficiency.

If you’re looking for the latest hardware for your staff, you’ll want to check out our thin client subscriptions.

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